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Discover high-quality air compressors designed for optimal performance and reliability. Our range includes industrial and commercial solutions to meet various pneumatic needs. Browse now for efficient air compression solutions!


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Optimize industrial operations with our top-tier industrial air compressors. Designed for reliability and high performance, our air compressors ensure seamless and efficient processes. Explore a wide range of options to meet your industrial needs today.

A29B PRO - One Stage Belt Driven Compressors

A39 PRO - One Stage Belt Driven Compressors

PRO B4900-7000 - Two Stage Belt Driven Compressors

PRO Slow Speed

PRO High Flow BV - Two Stage Belt Driven Compressors

PRO High Flow Tandem - Two Stage Twin Pump Belt Driven Compressors

15 bar PRO - Two Stage High Pressure Belt Driven Compressors


As a global leader, we excel in delivering dependable and cutting-edge compressed air solutions that distinguish themselves through technology, functionality, and design. Furthermore, bolstered by our in-house research and development team, as well as our extensive expertise in the compressed air industry, we consistently maintain our position at the forefront.


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Discover the power and reliability of FIAC air compressors. From industrial to personal use, our FIAC compressors deliver superior performance, durability, and efficiency. Elevate your air compression needs with cutting-edge technology.

Whether you're seeking tire inflation or productivity enhancement, a FIAC compressor stands as your enduring solution. Crafting comprehensive lines of air compressors and pneumatic accessories, FIAC has maintained its position as a global leader in compressed air since 1977, skillfully merging international reach with Italian craftsmanship.

As the very essence of life and a boundless source of energy, air defines us. Recognizing this fundamental truth, FIAC not only acknowledges its significance but also takes pride in its wholehearted participation. Our legacy of air solution innovation, dating back to 1977, serves as a resounding testament to our expertise in this field

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